You may not have given much importance to the theme of bathroom decoration, but think that a toilet is a place where you can relax with a good bath, take care of yourself and pamper yourself. Therefore, the warmer and more welcoming it is, the better.

How to Create a Rustic Bathroom
How to Create a Rustic Bathroom

We already saw in an article about how to paint the bathroom tiles, a cheap and simple way to renovate the bathroom without having to do works. From the tiles to the bathroom furniture, towel rails, lights or mirrors, we tell you how to decorate a small bathroom to make it a corner of our home where we feel comfortable.

Ideas to decorate a bathroom

  • The dressing table: in general, the design of a bathroom is not so simple, you should pay close attention to details and plan everything carefully. The sink is the most important area and offers many decisions to make both for the style, as for the design, the types of sink and countertop. The sinks can be horizontal with cabinets underneath to take advantage of the space, in the form of an L or you can put the washbasin hung and the furniture apart. This decision must be made according to the available space and your tastes.
  • A number of sinks: if your bathroom allows it and you have space, the double sink is very useful and comfortable. On the contrary, if you place a single sink, the ideal is that you do it in the center of the bathroom, on the right or on the left.
  • Style: when decorating the bathroom, the design and furniture are vital to give that desired look to the room. You can opt for a traditional style, a vintage piece of furniture, a pedestal sink, a minimalist decoration… You must also choose the colors that you will use, both in furniture and decorative objects. If you finally opt for a minimalist style, you will not have to worry about the cabinets, as it will be enough to install a countertop on the wall.
  • The countertop: granite and quartz are the most used materials for bathroom countertops, both are durable materials with many designs to choose from. Although laminate and wood are cheaper, they don\’t get along with moisture, and marble is porous and you have to seal it every two years. You must keep this in mind when making a decision.
  • Lighting and accessories: the most relevant thing about this point is that the bathroom decoration must be combined with the design and colors. Think about the type of mirror you want, or recessed or decorative and replaceable, led lights or portholes, faucets … All these elements depend on your preferences, but always following the same decorative line, that is, choose a traditional style, contemporary or modern.
  • The bathtub: today the baths themselves are a decorative element added in the bathroom and are elements that do not go out of style for the pleasure of giving us a good relaxing bath. It can be placed recessed in the wall and use its shelves to place plants, photos, candles or whatever you can think of, or it can be placed alone that lately is very fashionable.

Placing plants in the bathroom provides relaxation and allows you to be a little more in touch with nature. The color you choose for the bathroom is also important; cold colors offer that feeling, while warm colors emanate warmth. The shower curtain and towels should match the colors and design of the bathroom.

Another interesting option and that is very decorative are the tiles that mimic the wood, although you can also opt for original tiles that provide a touch of yesteryear, they are also non-slip. Bathroom furniture is usually made of natural wood, the most noble material for this function.

How to decorate a small bathroom

All the above tips are applicable to small bathroom decoration, only if the space is too small we will have to give up certain elements such as the bathtub and the double sink. To achieve greater dynamism, it is most appropriate to combine different finishes, tiles, paper, paint … Do not complicate with the colors, for a small bathroom it is best to opt for white because it multiplies the space and offers breadth .

Do not saturate the space, when the bathroom is small should not saturate the room and everything must be very well distributed to enjoy mobility in the central part. Being a small bathroom you can risk with the floor. To do this, decorate the walls and ceiling soberly so that the optical game of the floor offers a feeling of spaciousness. Ideally, choose a large mirror to create the illusion of more space, something that will work even better if there is a window in front.

The sink is the element with which more space we can win, so the less space, the better to choose a smaller sink to not lose space unnecessarily. Plants in small bathroom decoration are also important, as are objects that can fulfill two functions at once. For example, the towel hanger radiator is one of the most used.

Floating furniture, sliding doors, glass shower screens and opt for black and white bathroom decoration are other elements that will help you make your bathroom look more spacious.