Floating Platform Bed – The Space edition is something usual that always happens when you want to decorate your room. You confuse why you can’t store your important things still can’t install decoration for your room. At this point, the floating platform bed would be the smart solution.

Floating Platform Bed

because? The floating bed will give you free space it, and you can store something unnecessary items in your room. Maybe you never think that some items are unnecessary, but you don’t want to throw them away. In addition to this, there are many reasons why you should choose the floating bed in your room.
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Three reasons why you should own the floating platform bed

The floating bed platform is in the trend now. Beside it can save more space in your room, several things would make you want to own it:


1. Unique with all decorative

Have you thought about the floating mattress bed in the air? Well, the secret’s not from there. You can see the platform used to tilt the bed. It is installed firmly so that the bed can accommodate the person who sleeps in it. The concept is the same as the bed with under the space when you can put everything there while it is adjusted, but it is floating. So it’s still unique, but it makes sense.


2. You can do it yourself!

Yes! No need to buy the expensive bed, you can create the floating bed for yourself. There are so many tutorials to create the bed on YouTube, so you can find it and learn how to create it from there. You just need round mattress and materials used for your cover. Also decodable, so you can be creative to create the floating bed as you want. But, make sure you’ve mastered the technique before you create.


3. Saving so much space

As we mentioned before when you want to put and store your items, but you still feel that it is unnecessary to be placed in the cabinets, you could put your modern cover bed. It makes it easy to decorate your room and store everything you want to store.

Those are the reasons why you should have an original floating platform bed. If you want to know something more about this bed, you can find it on YouTube (for the tutorial too).