Decorative Granite for Your Counter – Granite often used by people who want to build Shivakashi granite countertops for the kitchen. One of the favorite granites used is Shivakashi granite. It is bright and usually has a pink or grey color that is very beautiful to make your kitchen delicious.

Decorative Granite for Your Counter

If you want to choose this granite for your furniture, make sure you already know the description of this granite, the materials used, the use of granite itself up to its price. So in this article, we would like to recognize you in this pink granite.


The introduction to Granite Shivakashi

Shivakashi granite, as you should know, originates from India (you know by name, right?) People can use this granite often to beautify their kitchen counters, especially if the kitchen has a specific theme that would be better if you use this granite on it. So, what things should you know about this granite?


1. Originated from India

As we mentioned earlier, this granite actually comes from India. You can say it by name; Shivakashi. Along the side with Kashmir white granite which also comes from East India, this granite has an ivory texture and usually comes with grey rose or Shivakashi granite. The stone itself does not have many variations, it means that the pattern comes in this way (only in different colors). Usually this stone comes with polished finish, with leather or sharp.


2. Also known as brown ivory or yellow Shivakashi

This stone is ivory, so it is also known as Brown ivory. But there is also a yellowish version of this granite, and therefore has another name: Yellow Shivakashi. Whatever the name, this stone is already famous for creating a kitchen countertop because this stone is durable and can be easily cleaned from the dirt.


3. Price

Shivakashi granite price per square foot is USD 37, according to website, a web where everyone finds the best stone for construction furniture. At that price, it is worth knowing that the material itself is durable, easy to be cleaned, and comes with beautiful pattern and color. For more information, you can check the

So, those are the things you should know about Shivakashi granite, beautiful and lovely granite that would make your kitchen better decorated. Good luck.