Granite granite countertops are a product originating in the United States. It is also known as gold riviera granite countertop model. Although gold granite provides resistance through complex patterns framed and fantastic golden color. However, its surprising features require a lot of regular maintenance. to ensure that it remains in the best look and performance. Read the various & nbsp; Tips to know exactly how clean this counter like a professional


The simplest way to clean benches

Clean The Golden Garnet Granite Countertops

These granite slabs, It is to provide a truly unique and beautiful appearance in decorating your home. But for this, you must ensure that they are clean and properly maintained for. Many customers of gold granite countertops claim that cleaning is difficult. However, let’s say it’s a very easy task. Here are some recommendations to clean the granite countertop every day.


1) We prepare surface countertops for good cleaning

To begin with, we suggest that granite countertops & nbsp; installation & nbsp; To get a deeper look and feel the surface before cleaning. Remove excess dirt from the surface with a microfiber cloth and move the tool or protruding elements from the surface so you can reach all areas.

Before regular cleaning, simply use a paste created with baking soda and water or cornstarch directly in the granite selection area containing stains. Cover with plastic sheath and wait for a few hours or starch of corn paste can absorb the remaining excess points of granite countertop.


3) Regular cleaning of the cooker

For regular cleaning, clean the surface of your worktop & nbsp; cloth using a neutral soap, hot water and not containing an acid component. Also, use a pH balanced cleaner to remove existing scratches and remove dirt.


4 ) Polished and Drying

Finish and Polishing Granite Cleansing and Drying Bench Completely with a Microfiber Again Nonwetted Cloth This aims to eliminate water stains and stains after the cleaning process.



If you want your granite countertops Granada gold will remain as new and germ. should start with immediate attention to stains and regular cleaning. Of course, it will take some extra work but the value of the natural beauty of your countertops in value. And do not worry eg, the above tips will guide you to perform an action for easy cleaning.