Reasons You Should Build a Sunken Living Room – The Sunken living room is the new trend among people. Now, this style of the area does not come back with modern style and leaving the old and vintage design. These sunken rooms are popular with architects and interior designers while building the house of open concepts that have great space. This sunken space is characterized by a low depressed floor, but also by the curved design of the seating area and the creation of a separation in the room.

Reasons you Should Build a Sunken Living Room


Here are four reasons why you should build a Sunken living room


1. Perfect for open concept home design

Nowadays a popular home design is the modern open concept style. This style has a large room without separation. But the house of the free concept is to have a problem too modern and cold and feeling of invitation, but the sunken room makes the living room look more comfortable and attractive. Thus, these Sunken living room designs are perfect for the modern home of the open concept.


2. The Sunken living room is inviting

Lowering the living room can create a cozy space in the house, and as you enter the house, your eyes are looking directly into the depressing room, which looks attractive. You can add a warm tone of wood material to add the feel of the caregiver. Add a chimney to perfect your room. To make it look modern, choose clean-line and light color without many patterns.


3. The Sunken living room creates a separate but does not insulate

The advantages of building the sunken room are that there is no need for a wall or furniture to create a separation, and to make your room more spacious. The wall separates the living room from another room, the Sunken living room solutions are creating segregation in the area. You can build a large sunken room in the modern space open home.


4. Good transition of different tile

The last few days there are several standard floors and tiles. It is quite difficult to make floor plans in open spaces without walls or partitions. One of the ideas is to build a submerged area. The Sunken floor plans of the living room can give the transition in the room. The Sunken room is a perfect transition for various tile material, like from tile to hardwood flooring.

The modern Sunken living room creates an intimate area. This style is a smart idea when you have an open and spacious room to create a sense of separation and space at the same time and make your living room more attractive and cozy. This sunken room looks perfect in the traditional style house and also in a modern one.