On hot days, the fan is a great friend and just thinking that it can spoil suddenly gives even more heat. However, it is possible to check some fan repair tips, which you can do yourself, depending on the problem you have. But those who do not have electrical knowledge must be careful not to undermine the operation of the appliance. To clarify some doubts, check out what sweethousedecorating has to say about the subject.

How to Repair a Fan Easily
How to Repair a Fan Easily


How to Repair a Fan Easily

Steps to follow:

  1. There are different fan models, such as ceiling, wall, stand or portable. All of them are very efficient to soften the temperature of homes, offices and other environments. So when you have a problem you have to know how to fix the fan or at least identify what is wrong. Having a minimum of notion about the possible causes of the damage can even help you get away from professionals who often deceive the client.
  2. The most common problems in the fans, even those of good quality are those related to their wear, due to the constant use. In this case, the fan may simply stop working, ie fully breaking. One tip if this happens is to check the status of your power cable, which may be broken by the arrow or the connection to the body of the device. If everything is in good condition, the next step is to carefully disassemble it at the top where the engine is located.
  3. When you turn on the fan and it does not work there may have been wear on the support shaft, which is next to the motor. To get to it it may be necessary to remove some propeller. The worn shaft can be observed by its irregular or deformed appearance and to fix the problem a tip is to sanding carefully using a steel sponge each of its parts. This will again make the shaft smooth.
  4. This measure may be sufficient, but since you have the unit disassembled, check to see if there are no bare or even cut wires, which can disrupt the proper functioning of the fan. If this is present it may also be causing a short circuit.
  5. Finally, take advantage of the lubrication of the gears as well as the axle, so it is possible to use the fan for a long time since complete maintenance has been carried out. When assembling the appliance, make sure everything is in its proper place. But even if all this does not work, it is better to take it to the technical assistance, ask for a budget and evaluate if it is worth having it to order or buy a new one.
  6. And if instead of the fan you have air conditioning at home, check out our tips to clean the air conditioner and keep it in good condition. And if he is losing water , in our article we explained to him why this may be happening.