The living room is one of the essential parts of the house. It’s because all the family members get together and do their activities in the living room. So the living room should be created comfortable and full of indulgence. If you want to decorate your living room or try something new to your living room, you can read this article about the castings for the living room including the fashionable castings for the living room.

Type of valances for the living room in your home


1. Borders Sewn living room

This type of Valencia will give the country the touch of Valencia to the living room of his house. Without frills or other decoration around that, this valance simply attracts. The rectangular appearance of these valances will give the value of modernity. You can use other fabrics for sewn valances but never use the pure material. It will break easily. Here are the tips for you want to place this valance:

  • The interior decoration of the interior should not be modeled. It is because the sewn racks will be seen full of accessories with the type of wall modeled, or even the full modeled wall.
  • Try to use the strongest and heaviest material for this valance
  • It’s more compatible if you put in the long window


2. Scarf Valances of the Living Room

Scarf Valances of the Living Room 

Another valance for the living room is scarf borders. This type of valances build the best fashionable valances for the effect of the living room, as its curves and its friezes of material, which is the smooth material. It’s like a wide window. It is also recommended for a couple if they want to create a romantic sense. Read down for tips to use scarf’s valances:

  • It is better to look if most of your furniture color is a bright color, such as white, bright green, bright blue, and so on
  • Do not force the scarf’s borders to match the small window. It will look strange because it is the design of the wide window
  • You can also realize scarf valances for long window


3. Scallops Living room borders

Scallops Living room borders

In case it is necessary for some printed racks for your funky living room or tries to decorate your living room with valances, you can apply this kind of valances to give decorative direction and fashion direction. Look at these tips.

  • Try to equate the style of your living room and trimmed valances. For example, if your room be more fulfill the creative things then apply flower printed on scallops valances to add the magnificence
  • Don’t use the dark color. Will close the sense of the room
  • Now, try to decorate your own living room by Valances for the living room for more beauty in your home. It is also related to fashionable shutters for the living room. I hope you find it useful.