The grandmother is one of the family members who will demand special attention since they are not able to do everything by themselves. And if you want to build a unique home for your grandmother, you can try to make the grandma’s Pods or the small house that is complete with all the house features needed to support the lives of your grandparents. There are a lot of features that need to be worried when you are about to build the pods, and the most primary of them are the granny pod pods plants. The floor plans allow you to split the house more efficiently, making it more effective so you do not waste space.


How to make good Pods Floor Plans

Grandma’s plants are essential for the convenience of your grandmothers, as they are not as suitable as the rest of the family. You need to do the house spatially, so your grandmother does not have to move much, which will cause them pain. This is why you need to plan the floor plans very carefully so that you can have a tiny and convenient house for your grandmother. If you are about to build the pods, here are some tips you can use before creating your pods.


1. Minimize the space

Granny Pods Floor Plans For Maximum Convenient

The point to having the grandmother pods is to have the mini home for grandparents to live in. You need to make those as tiny as possible so that your grandparents can live there quite convenient. But you have to make sure that the house is appropriately equipped with the need of the house, such as the bathroom, the kitchen and the dining room, so your grandmother can survive there. You need to set your plans and make them as wide as possible without reducing the critical function of the house.


2. Build lots of ventilation

As the house gets so small, the house needs to have adequate ventilation, otherwise, it could get so hot. You need to have sufficient ventilation for your home so that your little grandma will have sufficient air circulation and therefore you will make the house very comfortable and habitable. Ventilation can be in the form of windows or in the opening of the house, whatever you can afford.

Granny Pods Floor Plans For Maximum Convenient 2


3. Build the security system

As your grandparents will start living there alone, you need to make sure that your grandparents live there safely and without any harm. To do this you need to install various security measures such as fire alarm, anti-theft measures and so on. You also need to have the hotline on your phone, which is directed to the fire department police.

Grandma’s plants need to be planned very carefully since her grandmothers cannot live alone without proper equipment. Pods also need to be protected and protected so that their grandparents can live there without any damage.