Natural lighting is very important in many ways, especially when we have to be at home or at work and we can make the most of it. Today we give you some keys to enhance natural light in any space, no matter how dark it may be.

Living in a space that has good lighting is very important to be able to take advantage of all the hours of sunlight, very positive for many reasons.

Keys to enhance natural light at home

Clear walls

A room with walls in light colors makes the lighting effect multiply, and that will also make the room appear much more spacious. Bet on colors such as white, beige, vanilla or any other very light shade.

Place mirrors

Just like natural light is highly reflected on light walls, it is also reflected in mirrors, both to make the room brighter and to appear visually wider . In addition, the mirrors bring a very beautiful aesthetic to any room, which will also win you on a decorative level.

Clear windows

Nothing better to enhance natural light in the home or anywhere else than leaving the windows completely clear, when it can be. Even if you have curtains or blinds, if you have them open you will allow natural light to enter completely, so cover them only for privacy reasons when you consider it necessary.


Larger furniture should be away from doors and windows, since they prevent the good passage of light. Avoid placing furniture that blocks the light , such as a shelf in the middle of the room. This type of large furniture is best to always be on a wall.


For privacy there is no doubt that they are essential, and also on a decorative level. The ideal is to use textiles that are light and in light colors so that you can preserve your privacy without preventing the passage of light . Completely avoid thick and opaque fabrics as they create darker environments.