Many indoor and outdoor fluorescent surface-mounted luminaires have acrylic or wire grill covers that you remove when changing lamps or cleaning the covers. Most recessed luminaires have flat or convex decorative covers that push up to remove it. Typically, acrylic covers for surface mounting accessories fit on the outer edge of the luminaire. Wire grill covers – also known as wire guards – are held in place with small fasteners. Removing a cover from an installed fluorescent light requires the ability to work on a ladder.

How to Replace Fluorescent Light Cover
How to Replace Fluorescent Light Cover


How to Replace Fluorescent Light Cover


1. Clear the floor area under the lamp whose cover you want to remove. Place a ladder to access the lamp.

2. Grasp the upper lip of an acrylic cover on one side of the lamp with your fingers. Pull the lip out to unhook it from the side of the device. Lower that side of the cover and lift the opposite side from the opposite side of the fixing device. Continue with the following steps to remove a wire protection cover.

3. The work of the ladder. Locate small flat head screws or hex head screws that hold clamps to the luminaire body at the outer edge of the cover.

4. Loosen and remove the flat head screws, using the appropriate screwdriver. You can use a wrench to remove the hex head screws.

5. Hold the lid in place with one hand. Unhook the clamps from the body of the appliance and remove the cover. If necessary, turn the clamps to separate them from the appliance.